musica 0.3.22

[ English ]



musica - Simple UPnP AV Media Server for Audiophile


musica [-fhv] [-P port] [-c cache] [-i interface] [-l file] [-n name] [-p file] [-r file] -d directory


musica is a simple UPnP AV Media Server for audiophile.

The following options are available:

-P port

Specifies the listen port number. The default value is 58888.

-c cache

Specifies the cache directory/folder where store RSS feeds and images.

-d directory

Specifies the directory/folder where contents are stored.


Run in foreground mode.


Show usage.

-i interface

Listen on interface. If unspecified, musica searches the configured interface (excluding loopback).

-l file

Specifies the file to write the system log. If unspecified, musica write it to standard output.

-n name

Specifies the friendlyName. The default name is musica.

-p file

Specifies the file to store a pid number.

-r file

Specifies the file to store RSS feed URLs.


musica exits EXIT_SUCCESS on success, and EXIT_FAILURE if an error occurs.